Understanding Mother-In-Law Cottages, Granny Pods (ADU) in Phoenix

Whether you call them granny flats, mother-in-law cottages, granny pods, or just a “guest house,” renovating or constructing a second building on a property as a home for an aging parent makes a lot of sense.

An opportunity to have Mom or Dad living as part of the family – yet maintaining a degree of privacy for all concerned – can be a perfect solution when the time comes for an older parent to move to a new setting where they are less “on their own.”

ADU Accessory Dwelling Unit

Of course, if the parents are older Arizona seniors, they may require concentrated care and proximity to their family caregivers. But in other cases, the parents may be adults 55+ or in their 60’s or 70’s who simply think the idea of moving to the Phoenix area and taking care of the grandchildren daily would be a fantastic idea!

No matter the scenario, these types of housing arrangements are common and a perfect solution for helping older parents begin the process of aging-in-place with the support of their family.

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Terms like “mother-in-law cottages” are commonly used to describe a secondary building that is separate from the primary building on a property in Arizona, yet also includes its own bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

Formally known as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU), their legality is dependent on local zoning ordinances and HOA rules, but the city of Phoenix does currently allow them as “guest houses.” See the specific Phoenix ordinance concerning an ADU here.

If you are considering renovating or building an ADU or mother-in-law cottage, be cautious and carefully research the local laws and limitations. Still, even in cases where local ordinances prohibit such dwellings, an exemption may be made. Feel free to investigate this possibility.

In fact, more and more communities across Arizona and the entire country are beginning to understand the importance of multi-generational housing and aging-in-place opportunities for seniors.

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As Certified Senior Housing Professionals, we on The Krone Team serve as Goodyear and Phoenix real estate agents who specialize in helping seniors or their family caregivers navigate the complexities of the late-in-life sale of a home and move to new housing.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on Accessory Dwelling Units in Phoenix and any issues relating to a late-in-life move for a senior.


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