Keith & Cheryl Krone

As we have all said, where has the time gone? It was in 1983 that Keith and Cheryl started their real estate careers and it has been an amazing journey.
We have been truly blessed by the clients we have had the privilege to work with throughout our career. Many have turned into lifetime friendships. We have received many thank you cards throughout the years, but one card we hold dear was a card from a client who had purchased a home from us in 1986. In part, the card said, “It was 21 years ago this month (May, 1986) that two of the neatest people in the real estate business in Arizona sold us our dream second home. We couldn’t pass up this opportunity to thank you once again for 21 years of fun-filled, memorable hours of enjoyments. Thanks again so much!”..…
We’ve certainly seen many markets come and go throughout the years. Remember the interest rates at 19%? Remember the Savings and Loan crisis? Remember the real estate boom in the early 2000’s and the real estate crash which followed a few years later?
We have had to make many adjustments throughout the years, but the one thing we have never compromised; that’s our commitment to serving our clients with honesty and integrity.
Thank you all who have worked with us in the past and referred your family and friends to us. We feel so blessed!
From The Krone Team to your family, wishing you a fantastic 2013.

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