The Family Who Put The “Fun” In Dysfunctional: Sharing the stories when selling homes in Probate in Goodyear, AZ

We received a call asking for our help in selling a home that was in Probate in Goodyear, Arizona.

The Father had passed three years ago and he had three children.  And no one was talking to anyone.

A grandson had decided to move into his Grandfather’s home and refused to move since his Grandfather’s death.  He paid no rent and the property was in jeopardy of being foreclosed on because of back taxes and HOA dues.

The condition of the property was deplorable.

We were able to use our extensive experience in working with Probate situations, communicate with the three siblings (who weren’t speaking with each other), get the grandson out of the house, handle all the issues with the house with our vast vendor contacts, and get the house on the market.

We got  a contract on the house in a short period of time and closed on the property before the foreclosure occurred.

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