Although short sales take up a massive amount of time, there is certainly a gratification in saving someone from going into foreclosure.

If your thinking about short selling your home in Goodyear Arizona please give us a call today.  Alarmingly there are still many people who when faced with a payment they can no longer afford, just don’t know their options. Most of our clients feel a huge amount of relief after my consultation explaining the options they have. It takes the skill of a veteran Realtor to successfully complete a short sale. Before entering into any short sale situation with an agent, be absolutely positive short sales are their specialty & they know what they are doing.

If you own real estate in Goodyear and are thinking about short selling your home and would like to find out your options, please call Cheryl Krone with the Krone Team at Keller Williams to set up your private consultation. (602) 708-2073 or email at

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