keith krone is a certified probate real estate specialistIn an effort to assist our clients during their most challenging times the Krone Team has launched their new Probate Real Estate Division.  We understand the impact the loss of a loved one has on a family and our team is here to assist you.  Shortly after the grieving period a whole new process begins in settling the estate.  Renewed emotions, additional expenses, and more stress and strain dealing with the estate take its toll on the entire family.  It can take from 6 to 18 months to settle an estate.  The real estate can be the biggest asset to an estate or if handled incorrectly can deplete the estate entirely.  You need to have a knowledgeable experienced team of realtors assisting you.  Why don’t you let us take that burden of your shoulders during such a challenging time?  Please call the Krone Team today (623) 337-8277 ext 200

The Krone Team is proud to launch our new Probate division in our never ending pursuit to help our clients in their time of need.  Keith Krone is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist in Arizona.  We hope that you will let a qualified, certified professional Realtor assist you during the probate process.  Within this Probate section you can find out what you really need to know about probate.  Our team of Realtors are standing by to assist you through the entire probate process.

Some of the key features offered by the Krone team for pre-probate approval and pre-sale
are to provide you with the list of the things to do with a probate property.
We obtain preliminary title report to verify liens, property taxes and ownership, and will know of any issues with the title well in advance.
We perform property analysis to assist in preparing for marketing. Make recommendations that will enhance and preserve the value of the home and make suggestions regarding repairs to items that are discovered and avoid problems in the future. We offer staging and decorating suggestions to promote quicker and better offers.
Put the home on the Krone Team web site “Sneak Peak Properties” Homes for sale in the future. With pictures descriptions and marketing information to get interested buyers lined up before going on market.

You’ll also learn about preparing a probate home for sale, and also how to preserve a probate home during the entire process.

The Krone Team is a full service real estate team and we really would like to take the logistical burden off of your shoulders during the trying times and assist you.  Please give us a call for further information and so we can find out exactly how we can assist you.  You can reach our Probate division at (623)-337-8277.