Preparing a Probate Home for Sale

consultation of selling a probate homeA house that is part of an estate in probate often times can be very burdensome. It can drain the other liquid assets before, during and up to the time escrow closes. As real estate professionals for more than 30 years we know what it takes to maximize the value of a property. As soon as practical the vacant house should have certain things attended to. Visit our probate section for helpful information regarding maintaining a probate home.
We start the process of preparing the house for sale long before the petition for probate has been approved.
Educate the PR and other interested parties to the estate on the selling process and how real estate transactions are done in Arizona. As an attorney this could save you a lot of valuable time.
We do a title search to verify how title is held but more importantly we want to uncover any liens that may be on the property .Title searches are normally done after a purchase contract is accepted and escrow is opened, It’s best to discover potential problems SOONER rather than later.
We provide a professional home (mini) inspection to look for any defects that may need to be addressed prior to marketing the property, Saves time and money during the escrow period. Most of the time a handy man can correct problems uncovered from the inspection.
Look for ways to economically improve the desirability and marketability of the property i.e. painting carpet, landscaping etc. Decreases marketing time.
Provide a directory of trusted vendors to take care problems or potential problems and improvements at fair prices.
Develop a pricing strategy based on the latest market information and offer help in staging the house to show its best potential
Put the property on our exclusive “Home’s for sale in the future” section of our web site. Includes photos and detailed information about the property and suggested price range it will be marketed for. This generates interest in the property before it hits the market.
At the time the actual listing agreement is signed we will provide a home warranty for the estate at no cost. This will prevent any unexpected expenses that seem to arise when a house is being sold.

As always please contact The Krone Team at (623) 640-4250 if you need any assistance with your home, the probate process, or coordinating the logistics. Our team is here to assist you “Our Clients Win is our only goal and focus!”