You Might Know A Realtor If


It’s not unusual to hear people say to us,

Oh yeah, I know a realtor

Well, it would be hard not to know a realtor; they’re as thick as bugs on a bumper in Texas in spring-time!!
According to the AZ Department of Real Estate, on average they issue about 600 new real estate licenses every month.

We’ve come to believe that every new born is issued a social security card AND a real estate license at birth!!
For those of you who remember Jeff Foxworthy describing that you might be a Red Neck IF……….. Well, here’s our version:

You might know a Realtor….. if you ever had a pizza or deli sandwich delivered
You might know a Realtor……. if you worked with a personal trainer at a gym
You might know a realtor if….. you have ever been served by a bartender or waitress
You might know a Realtor…… if you have ever gone through a checkout stand at any store
You might know a realtor….. if you have ever booked an UBER ride

Sad but true, many people trust the largest investment they will make to a “Realtor” who does this part-time.

Now there is no doubt we’re sure you probably DO know a couple of Realtors who takes this responsibility very seriously – That would be US, Keith And Cheryl Krone. For the last 35 years it’s what we’ve done – IT’S ALL WE DO!!

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