Keith and Cheryl Krone – Team Leaders

The Krone Team-Reality One Group BBB Business ReviewThere’s a unique beauty to Phoenix and the surrounding area that simply cannot be replicated elsewhere. It’s almost as if a great, artistic project is underway with nature and man serving as equal partners: the earth provides stunning scenery, while we humans strive to respectfully integrate ourselves and our homes into those surroundings.

That’s why buying or selling a house in the Phoenix metropolitan area is a different sort of proposition: the homes and neighborhoods – from Goodyear to Glendale to Avondale and beyond – mean so much more to the buyer or seller than perhaps they do in other parts of the country. It’s as if the people and their homes become one; every homeowner is an artist adding his or her unique touch to the house and surrounding landscape.

Keith and Cheryl Krone understand that difference.

As Phoenix real estate agents, Keith and Cheryl have helped – quite literally – thousands of home buyers and sellers in Arizona

Licensed real estate agents for more than 33 years and licensed brokers for three decades, the Krones have observed first hand the many changes in and around Phoenix, while experiencing (and overcoming) every imaginable situation that could possibly challenge a homebuyer or seller. The value of experience, commitment, and ongoing education can never be overstated, and Cheryl and Keith are dedicated to all three.

Proudly assisting individuals and families of all generations, the Krone Team finds particular joy in helping mature home buyers and sellers in the Phoenix area. Long time homeowners often turn to The Krone Team for help in buying and selling in 55+ communities and active adult neighborhoods, while caregivers appreciate their guidance in locating multi-generational properties and maintenance-free living options.

To better serve seniors and their families through this process, Cheryl and Keith underwent a rigorous vetting and educational curriculum to achieve the prestigious designation of Certified Senior Housing Professional of The Seniors Real Estate Institute.

“The issues involved in the sale of a home are vastly different when an individual or couple is contemplating a late-in-life move,” says Nikki Buckelew, founder and CEO of The Seniors Real Estate Institute. “We train our Certified Senior Housing Professionals – like Keith and Cheryl – to be friends, advisers, and business partners with their clients while they navigate the complexities of downsizing.”

Much of the Krone’s desire to be of help to seniors and their caregiver families stems from their first-hand, 10-year experience in serving as caretakers of Keith’s 83-year-old father.

“We transitioned Keith’s father from a house he had shared with Keith’s mother for many years,” says Cheryl. “(This included) downsizing, packing and preparing his home for sale, moving him into a smaller home closer to us, organizing home care needs, and then transitioning him into a skilled care facility. After his passing, we were charged with closing out the estate and assuming the responsibility for the accounting to the other (out of state) siblings.”

It’s often this sort of understanding and empathy that makes all the difference for mature adults and their caregivers. Keith and Cheryl know what people need when organizing a late-life move and can offer the advice, consultation, and expertise necessary to minimize the feeling of being overwhelmed that is often experienced by older adult home sellers.

“We have assembled a vast resource team, all of whom share our vision on how to best assist the senior and their families during this stressful time,” notes Keith. “We are a one-stop service provider for most anything necessary for a senior’s move.”

In a further effort to assist clients during their most challenging times (it can take from 6 to 18 months to settle an estate) the Krone Team offers a Probate Real Estate Division, with Keith credentialed as a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist in Arizona.

Consistently ranked in the Top 10% of Realtors in Arizona, Cheryl and Keith are active members of the Palm Valley Church and Tri-City Chamber of Commerce in Goodyear, AZ. They appreciate spending time with their grandchildren, traveling, and enjoying classic cars.