Knowing your neighbors in Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Avondale and Buckeye, AZ
In this real estate market where seemingly almost everyone is being displaced, home owners have really lost touch with who their neighbors are. Current residents and new home owners in Goodyear, AZ are finding they have to start over and build new relationships with their neighbors. The thought of speaking to someone they do not know is frightening for some. However for the safety of our communities it is very important that we take the time out to know who are neighbors are.
Everyone is busy and has other things they could be doing. With a little effort though it’s quite easy to build some new friendships and meet your neighbor’s.
Doing some landscaping on your front yard or just sitting on your front porch reading the paper is a great way to start some conversations with your neighbors passing by.
If you’re feeling really motivated you can go for a walk and take the time to talk to the other neighbors as your passing by.
Neighborhood meetings are a great way to not only meet people but also to get engaged with your community. Most of the local Home Owners Associations have meetings every 3 months.
Yard sales are another great way to lure out your neighbors and have some fun. You could contact them ahead of time and see if they may be interested in participating.
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