Probate Real Estate Services from the Krone Team

Learn more about specialized probate services offered by the Krone Team … [Read more...]

The Family Who Put The “Fun” In Dysfunctional: Sharing the stories when selling homes in Probate in Goodyear, AZ

We received a call asking for our help in selling a home that was in Probate in Goodyear, Arizona. The Father had passed three years ago and he had three children.  And no one was talking to anyone. A grandson had decided to move into his Grandfather’s home and refused to move since his Grandfather’s death.  He paid no rent and the property was in jeopardy of being foreclosed on because of … [Read more...]

Probate and Transitioning Seniors Real Estate in the Phoenix Area

We’ve been asked on numerous occasions is “Why would we want to specialize in Probate and Transitioning Seniors Real Estate in the Phoenix area." While it’s true that this specialization into Probate Real Estate can be very time consuming and difficult, we feel we are making a difference in our clients lives. We received a call a few months ago from a Probate Attorney asking us to assist a … [Read more...]

Are Your Senior Family Members Safe? What to Watch For This Holiday Season

As mobile as our society is today, it's a simple fact that adult children and their aging parents often live extreme distances from each other. If you're visiting your Mom or Dad or grandparents in Phoenix, Goodyear, or Glendale this holiday season, this may be the first time you've seen them in a year or more. Often, this is the time of year when family members first notice that an older loved … [Read more...]

Free Family Caregivers Kit: Information and Advice on Medicare, Arizona Probate, and Power of Attorney

Let's face it: Handling financial issues and being responsible for the well-being of an incapacitated spouse or parent in Arizona can be a bit overwhelming. The U.S. government provides a wealth of online resources billed as the "Free Family Caregivers Kit." It's a collection of brochures and information designed to help family caregivers in Arizona and elsewhere navigate the issues and … [Read more...]

New Trend: Real Estate Agents for Older Phoenix Adults “On The Move”

Did you know that real estate agents do not come in “one-size-fits-all” form? In other words, Realtors all across the Phoenix area tend to specialize in particular niches or with certain types of client or properties. For example, although we work with families and individuals of all ages and demographics, we at The Krone Team have placed a particular emphasis on helping adults 55+, senior … [Read more...]

Celebrating National Senior Citizen’s Day in Arizona

by Cheryl Krone All of us on the Krone Team are pretty excited about National Senior Citizen's Day, a 24-hour span of honor for elders celebrated each August 21st. In 1988, the U.S. Congress authorized President Ronald Reagan to declare that date an annual holiday and it has been so ever since. Although it's been celebrated for almost 26 years, recognition of the day – and our senior … [Read more...]

The Krone Team Awarded Prestigious Certified Senior Housing Professional Designations

Recently, it became apparent to Keith and I that older, senior adults - and their caregiver families - require a unique level of expertise when it comes to selling a home and transitioning to a new one. As a matter of fact, it can be an entirely different ballgame than those faced by younger sellers. As such, we sought out specialized training in this area from experts in the field and are … [Read more...]

The Krone Team on The Money and The Law Radio Show with Darra Rayndon

The Krone Team was proud to spend some time with Darra Rayndon on the Money and the Law Radio Show.  We were able to discuss the advantages of working with a Realtor experienced in Probate and Senior Transitions and Relocations.  We also discuss what to do when a reverse mortgage is upside down on an estate or when a home is in a trust.  Please click the link below for the entire show and give the … [Read more...]